The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) is an evergreen domain that serves the needs of the society starting from the basic home appliances to the highly sophisticated Medical devices; terrestrial and extra terrestrial communication systems like Telephones, Cellular phones, Television, Fiber Optic Communication system, RADAR and Satellite Communication system. The sub domain technologies like VLSI, Embedded systems, Signal and Image processing, Sensors and Transducers and Computer Networks find wide scope in the areas of Defence technology, Consumer electronics and Internet of Things (IoT).




To prepare engineers, proficient to meet the needs of current technological advancements in the field of Electronics and communication engineering by imparting quality teaching with due attention to progressive needs of the industry in academics and research.




M1: To provide a creative environment through structured teaching-learning process in the frontier areas of electronic communication technology and equipments.

M2: To strive towards efficient industry-institute interaction in the recent trends of communication techniques and imaging modalities through education and R&D activities.

M3: To inculcate a mind of continuous learning while providing ethical and value based education by promoting activities for addressing the societal needs.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


PEO1: Posses basic professional electronic engineering skills that make the student confident to develop sophisticated electronic equipments to fulfill the needs of the living beings.

PEO2: Inculcate analytical mind to realize the importance of the advances in communication techniques through professional development, hands-on training and industry internship that establishes the interest for higher studies and to become a pioneering professional.

PEO 3: To exhibit good technical communication skills, ethical and social value in their professional career, to lead a team with good leadership qualities for serving the society to look ahead.